You probably thought this blog was dead. So, have a crossword ! This is my first crossword that completely follows the typical American layout conventions. As usual, it's late at night and there could be a typo. Please send me bug reports. EDIT: Due to popular demand, I have devised a way to render this crossword onto a single page .


Since I should be doing homework, here's a crossword puzzle: Frontiers . As usual, I haven't done extensive proofreading: that's what my loyal readers are for. If you find anything that is or might be wrong, please tell me .


Here is the other crossword puzzle produced by my camping trip, Flowing . I realized today that a few words in this puzzle which seemed real out in the wilderness turned out to be somewhat imaginary. With the help of modern technology, I managed to replace those words without disrupting everything else too badly.


Here is another crossword puzzle, Urbanism . I am aware that this puzzle does not quite follow the conventions which I have been striving for: it contains a slight asymmetry and a single two-letter word. I don't think it's much of a problem. I would like to experiment with some "non-traditional" shapes, which will probably be even less symmetrical. Unlike my previous puzzles, this puzzle grid was constructed without any electronic aids. I like the result better because the words feel more personal. But, I was more deliberate about using the black space to keep different parts of the puzzle fairly separate. I don't know if I could make a puzzle with Harry Truman's level of openness without some computerized help. Another puzzle will be out soon. I made two grids on my recent trip into the wilderness, but I haven't written any clues for the second one.

Harry Truman

After watching Wordplay , I was inspired to try making a crossword puzzle again. Here it is. Edit: I fixed a typo in 44-Across. Also, the puzzle has been re-typeset in a slightly better fashion. (This came about as the result of automating the entire typesetting process. Maybe I should write about how that works.)